Corporate M&A

The relationship between several companies, the merger and splitting of them are almost as exciting, tangled and multifaceted as human relationships. And for every situation we need to find the best possible legal solution...

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Work makes a person human. Employment law is mostly about people, you cannot work really well in this area without an enthusiasm for law and humanity.

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Technology is a young, dynamic and ever-changing field of law. Technology drives the future. We are constantly working on becoming part of this future...

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Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution may seem from movies as an essential and exciting part of the work of attorneys-at-law.We agree that litigation is exciting indeed, but it should be the last resort and avoided if at all possible...

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There are a few experts in this special field of law in Hungary, but fortunately one of them works with us at VJT & Partners - András Lovretity.

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Commercial Contracts

Contracts are an essential part of everyday business activities, whether they are simple one-time deals, or the result of long complicated negotiations...

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Competition encourages development. As companies compete with each other to sell their products, many new ideas are born that inspire the entire market. However, the competition must remain fair throughout...

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Data Protection

The world has entered a new era of technology, where machines are capable of doing everything. Companies collect data about us on an unprecedented scale: who buys what and where, what food they eat, where they go to have fun? The amount of collected information is practically endless.

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Real Estate

Ever since we left Paradise, the affairs of real estate have been present in all of our lives, whether buying or renting a home. Our real estate team will assist you with the full range of legal issues related to purchases, sales, rentals, leases or due diligence...

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Private Equity

Even the very basic idea is very exciting: private equity investors invest capital in hopeful businesses that bring something brand new to the world, it can be a life-saving medicine, a software, or a logic game...

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Offering a service in certain industries has become extremely complex in the recent times. Almost every step these companies wish to implement require a check, and only then can it be implemented...

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Bank, Insurance, Investment

The banking system and insurance network are the foundation upon which the economy and business is built. Sound knowledge of these two sectors is required for any business to succeed...

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