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Offering a service in certain industries has become extremely complex in the recent times. Almost every step these companies wish to implement require a check, and only then can it be implemented. In the meantime, the cost for non-compliance is also rising, so it becomes more and more risky not to be aware of the applicable rules for one’s business. And this is where we can help.

Our team at VJT & Partners knows the latest changes in a broad scale of sectors

We have experience in cases relating to consumer protection, prevention of money laundering and terrorism, pharmaceuticals, provision of telecommunication services and several other fields. As these matters usually involve extensive knowledge of more than just one specialised legal area, often several of VJT’s teams are involved in resolving the issue at hand.

We will assist your business in:

  • internal audits (including drafting policies and reviewing existing ones);
  • providing in-house training;
  • providing general legal advice;
  • representation in front of regulators;
  • litigation;
  • and whichever issue needs a level-headed legal evaluation.

Andrea Belényi


“The regulatory system of a company can be very complex. Understanding a special area of law is not enough, the company needs to be scrutinized in several other aspects of regulation as well, that may be the aspect of environmental protection, data protection, competition or consumer protection.”