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Ever since we left Paradise, the affairs of real estate have been present in all of our lives, whether buying or renting a home. Our real estate team will assist you with the full range of legal issues related to purchases, sales, rentals, leases or due diligence.

There are three pillars of real estate law: thoroughness, prudence, foresight


The more complex a real estate law matter is, the more exciting it is. We have been both on the seller and the buyer side, including dealing with gifts and rentals, and assisting with the purchase of real estate by our third country clients.


When dealing with real estate affairs for a company, we are very careful. There is often a need for prior legal due diligence, as we need to have a thorough understanding of the intricacies of real estate rights and obligations.

Skeletons in the closet

Long-term thinking is essential in real estate law. The joy of buying or selling often makes us forget to accurately assess the condition of the property and to deal with the responsibilities involved. A good contract must address the smallest details. You have to think about what will happen in two, three or more years.

When we bought a factory...

One of our foreign clients invested in a meat processing plant a few years ago, whose Hungarian owner was under bankruptcy. The handling of this case was very diverse, including a complete due diligence, review of operating subsidies, administration and management of operating licenses. The closing chord of the several-month process was the transfer of plants, where we had to identify and take over nearly two hundred different machines together with our customer. During the twelve-hour handover, we walked through the building from the basement to the attic and were stuck at only one door, which had two keys on paper, but no lock.

Preparedness, experience and business attitude in one team

János Tamás Varga

managing partner

„Our legal advice is backed up by a business approach. The interests and intentions of our clients are fully taken into account.”


András Lovretity


„Experience matters a lot in real estate. We are prepared and examine everything, as we have encountered many problems in the past.”


Tamás Virág


„Real estate law is one of the most difficult terrains , where we have to be smart. The client is delighted with the new property and we are looking at the conditions from head to toe with a cool-head.”


Eszter Vezse


„Thinking forward is essential in this area. We have to identify and regulate in detail in the contracts all possibilities that may have an impact on the property in the future.”


Clients’ testimonials

Legal500 2016

VJT & Partners, which has a ‘business-focused approach,’ provides regular advice to one of the largest sports goods companies on amending and terminating lease agreements.

Legal500 2017

János Tamás Varga, ‘always sees the big picture’. András Lovretity, who joined the firm from an in-house counsel position in the aviation sector, is ‘very experienced in real estate matters’.