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Private equity and Venture capital

Even the very basic idea is very exciting: private equity investors invest capital in hopeful businesses that bring something brand new to the world, it can be a life-saving medicine, a software, or a logic game - the range of ideas is inexhaustible.

Legal assistance to make the investments possible


In venture capital transactions we help our clients with our knowledge and experience from the first investment to the sale of their shares.


We also know the needs and know-how of establishing a start-up, we pay detailed attention to investment protection, to corporate governance, to intellectual property and to exits.

Our team is well-trained in private equity and venture capital investments

János Tamás Varga

"The venture capital industry is a young one in Hungary, so our experience in this field is about the same age as the industry itself."


András Lovretity

“Risk is in the name of venture capital. Because we know all the ins and outs of the industry, the customer gets security from us.”


Zoltán Csernus

"We've already made a reality of several great ideas in this area and put them on the market."