Hungarian Watch Autumn 2016


Time to investTime to invest

Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency continues with negotiating hundred projects

The Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency makes a consistent effort to attract foreign direct investments. After a record year in 2015, HIPA continues to offer dozens of projects in various industries including agriculture, manufacturing, real estate, green industry and innovation. This is the right time to invest.


BrexitWelcome to Budapest, good bye London?

The potential effect of Brexit on the Hungarian market

After Brexit has become official, many European financial hubs started to solicit interna-tional companies to move out of City to their locations. Budapest also joined in the race. The plan is to build a new business centre in Budapest on a 200 thousand sq.m. large area. Budapest will not win the race, but it can still take a piece of the cake. Could the wave of Brexit open room for Hungarian investment opportunities?


CampusThe call for tender for EUR 30 million project just announced

New campus to be built in Kecskemét

Kecskemét has become a university town, so the call for tender of roughly EUR 30 million worth campus construction has been just announced. The deadline for submitting the tender is 28 November 2016. Be ready and seize this exceptional bidding opportunity.


Clinical trialsA new potential boom for the Hungarian clinical trial market

Clinical trial agreement to be standardised in Hungary

The Hungarian clinical trials are one of the success stories of the country. Now thanks to a new proposal, a further boom may be expected. The government plans to make a uniform clinical trial agreement templates making the market environment more flexible and predictable. Experts expect a potential 25-30% growth in this already lucrative market. God is in the details, so we should take a "wait and see" approach before levying a final judgement. But as the new solution may serve as a further incentive for research & development, pharmaceutical companies should keep a close eye on the upcoming developments in clinical trials.


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