• Corporate M&A

Mergers and Acquisitions

The relationship between several companies, the merger and splitting of them are almost as exciting, tangled and multifaceted as human relationships. And for every situation we need to find the best possible legal solution.

As an experienced market participant, we know everything about both acquisitions and sales.


We work for companies aiming at growing and expanding, that want to enter the market in the Hungarian and Central European region by acquiring companies. We have extensive experience in bringing together and managing the work of multi-country teams of attorneys. Our clients are foreign companies, multinational companies, Hungarian listed companies, private equity funds and Hungarian private investors.


Our clients are medium- and large-sized Hungarian companies, which generally attract foreign buyers. Whether it is a full or partial sale of a company, our team has already conducted numerous transactions. In other words, we know all the ins and outs of these types of transactions.

„They are very strong as a team.” - Chambers Europe 2018

More than legal advice

During an acquisition or a merger process we almost need to breathe together with the client. We have to pay close attention to their intentions, we must know their strengths and weaknesses, and as a result we will know exactly when and how we can help them.

We understand business

Our clients are businessmen, so we have to become businessmen as well when we manage the legal part of the transactions.

International experience

Most of our cases go beyond borders, so we have learned how to work with foreign law firms and how to manage the work of a team of international lawyers.

János Tamás Varga

managing partner

"Perhaps the most important rule in this area is that we must be able to think with the head of the client."


András Lovretity

head of the M&A team

“Every merger and every acquisition are different. Extensive experience counts for lot when a quick and appropriate reaction is needed.”


Emőke Buzogány

member of the M&A team

“In the field of acquisition and company sale, a good, experienced lawyer is a treasure: he or she saves a lot of work for and solves several problems of the client, and what is even more important: makes the client feel safe."


Zoltán Csernus

member of the M&A team

“The devil is in the detail – this is true for every merger or acquisition process. Therefore, a good attorney needs to know the transaction down to every single detail.”


Clients' testimonials

Legal500 2019
Legal500 EMEA 2019

„András Lovretity is ‘very proactive’ and leads the team with managing partner János Tamás Varga, who provides ‘valuable input to strategic business decisions and has a keen eye for detail’”

Chambers Europe 2018
Chambers Europe 2018

„I have seen that lawyers working on the other side of the transaction also respect VJT, they appreciate their expertise. That confirms to me that I'm in good hands”

Legal500 2017
Legal500 EMEA 2017

„Clients of VJT & Partners are full of praise for the ‘very reliable team’ of ‘true professionals’, who are ‘organised, expedient, accurate and flexible’.”

Chambers Global 2017
Chambers Global 2017

„Proactive in seeking the best solution for the client. A well-prepared team, which provides a high level of legal service.”


VJT & Partners lived up to its expectations in the M&A, Employment and Technology practice areas

Chambers Europe 2021

Interviewees highlight the "finesse and local understanding" of the firm's lawyers. "They generally provide a very high-quality service," one client observes, also noting that "they understand our operations, the market and our business goals".

Our clients especially emphasized our M&A team leader András Lovretity’s high level expertise and his dedicated attention to detail. Clients appreciate that "he understands the needs and questions of the client" and add that "clients understand his answers."


We appreciate this year’s Legal 500 review

Legal500 EMEA 2020 // may 2020

Legal 500's publication appraising law firms gave an excellent ranking for our firm in the field of Commercial, Corporate and M&A. The publication highlights the pair of János Tamás Varga and András Lovretity, who have forged together in high-volume transactions. János Tamás’ ‘strategic thinking’ is perfectly complemented by András' practicality. The hard-hitting team is further strengthened by Zoltán Csernus, Andrea Belényi and Tamás Virág.


We have maintained a high profile

Legal500 EMEA 2019

The publication reports in summary, that our MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS team responds immediately to emerging issues. András Lovretity's proactivity, and the speed, and precision of Zoltán Csernus are praised by customers. And who brings this together on the basis of the right values, is János Tamás Varga, managing partner. Our clients include leading Hungarian companies and major international companies.


We are highly grateful to our clients for their appreciation

Chambers Europe 2019

„They are always available, reply promptly, and come up with great suggestions,” says one of our clients to whom we provided legal advice on M&A. – Lawyers blessed with business sense.” The publication highlights András Lovretity, who is very precise in legal documentation and also a strong strategist. János Tamás Varga is also praised for his tactical thinking as well as for his overall mind: „He has an eye for high-level planned business considerations and for detail at the same time.”