• Inspiring leadership
    Inspiring Leadership
    The main secret of good leadership is to have a clear understanding of human beings.
    We must trust each other; be responsive, and do everything we are able to.
  • Sriving for perfection
    Striving for perfection
    Incomplete or imperfect never satisfies us.
    We are always on the cutting edge, continuously pushing our boundaries.
  • Commitment
    We are committed, and we shall remain committed, to our values,
    to our clients and to our people.
  • Courage
    We will not retreat if the going gets tough. We take responsibility
    for everything we do and are proud of our loyalty to our clients.
  • Harmony
    Our work should not only be excellent but – at the same time – be harmonious.

Masters of Collaboration

VJT & Partners is a Hungarian commercial law firm advising international and domestic corporate clients and entrepreneurs. Our lawyers are experts across a wide range of legal fields. We understand the commercial realities of business whilst being excellent collaborators.

The shared values of VJT & Partners are at the very core of our creativity and 'fresh thinking' culture. Our clients value our absolute commitment to them, leading to effective and enduring relationships. We do not speak legalese; we talk business. We pride ourselves in giving direct, honest and practical advice, tailored to each client's individual needs.


János Tamás Varga

managing partner

János Tamás has developed real expertise and experience across a wide range of practices, transactions and legal matters with cross-border elements over the last 20 years.

Zoltán Csernus

head of employment

Zoltán is recognized as an internationally-ranked, enthusiastic employment expert. He is the head of VJT & Partners' Employment Law Team.

Gábor Hacsi

head of commercial and technology

Gábor advises on a broad range of commercial contracts especially in the technology sectors. His sector specific expertise includes outsourcing, cloud computing and data protection.

András Lovretity

head of corporate M&A

András has more than 15 years of experience in international M&A, restructuring and private equity transactions.

Core Services

Corporate M&A

We believe that advising on M&A transactions is more than providing just legal advice. Understanding the logic and dynamics of the industry sector in which the client and other participants operate is a prerequisite for success....

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VJT & Partners' highly-rated employment lawyers have a wealth of experience in all aspects of contentious and non-contentious employment matters. We are acknowledged for understanding our clients’ business needs and...

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Understanding our clients’ underlying technical and technological ideas and objectives, while providing clear, concise and practical advice lies at the heart of our work. The phenomenon of convergence and the rapid...

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Doing Business in Hungary 2017 is a practical handbook for companies and individuals thinking about Hungary from a business point of view. The approach running through the guide makes it an essential resource for those considering establishing – and those already operating – a business entity in Hungary.


Doing Business in Hungary 2017

Autumn edition 2017 is colourful. It provides breaking news in the field of automotive industry, M&A, private equity/venture capital, and railway market. Each of them have majorly impacted the course of Hungarian events in recent days. If we picked only one article, we would highlight ‘The long-awaited Budapest-Belgrade Railway upgrade tender published’.


Hungarian Watch Autumn 2017